Prue Cooper Slipware
The Library 'Paradise will be a Kind of Library' Auchinleck 'Quod Petis Hic Est: est Ulubris, Animus si te non Deficit Aequus'! Hole Cottage 'A Little House, Whose Humble Roof is Weatherproof Under the Spars of which I Lie, Both Warm and Dry' Ascog 'My Friends are My Estate' St Winifred's Well 'Exactitude is Not Truth'
The Swarkeston Pavilion 'We are Only Trustees / For Those That Come After Us' Old Camden Banqueting House 'Mirth Makes the Banquet Sweet' Astley Castle 'It is not the Beginning but the Continuing which Yieldeth the True Glory' The Chateau 'One feast, One House / One Mutual Happiness' Auchinleck 'It Is Pretty to See What Money Can Do'